Content Strategy

Develop a unified content strategy.  Core brand values act as railings to guide all of the campaign activity on the calendar.  Address messaging, media, and tools up-front to streamline execution.

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Content Effectiveness

Use data to drive constant improvement.  Test your content relentlessly.  Apply this philosophy to assets and campaigns.  Democratize the data, giving access to content performance to creative and marketing teams.

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Content Scale

Teams strive to deliver each campaign that  creates the right business impact. At any given time enterprise  must achieve that  multiple campaigns across the globe and across the customer journey while preserving core brand values.

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Why Agile Content

As companies become more digital the demand for digital content skyrockets.  Whether under the flag of Digital Transformation, Digitization, Experience Based Business, or good old Personalization, we need more content for more touch points for more personas

I have been a consultant in the Digital Content space  for 15 years.  During that time I have worked with dozens of leading companies as they addressed the content challenge.  I have help shape the strategy of several, and seen the approach and outcomes of more.

Leading enterprises are addressing this challenge with a variety of tactics: modular content, taxonomy, automated assemble, user generated content,  stock images, outsourced content, and others.  In essence, making content more Agile.

This page is a venue to share that experience and to provoke further knowledge development with those who share my passion for Agile Content.


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