Agile Content / Content at Scale

Creation Workflows

This major B2B High-Tech company needed to increase content capacity to implement wide scale personalizartion.  One tactic that had a major impact was bringing creative assets under a formal workflow much earlier in the process.   No more time and version control loss through copies, email, zips and dropbox transfers

Agile Content / Content Performance


As part of an effort to unlock the value of the IP in a large document repository, a major consulting firm needed to understand what was there and how it was currently used.  Organizing the content around use cases and popularity among super users provided a model of how to expose that content to a wider audience of employees and partner.

Agile Content/ Content Strategy

Centralized Asset Repository

This client is a giant in the server market.  In order to deliver a unified customer experience across multiple touch points, they consolidated 6 major content and asset management platforms to a single cloud based solution with multiple authoring environments and granular access control.

Agile Content/ Content At Scale

Modular Content

This Travel and Hospitality client enabled reuse of digital assets by managing cotnent at a more granular level.  Traditional marketing pieces were deconstructed into digital assets, text content, and style elements.  These deconstructed elements could be re assembles to provide a variety of experiences.